Monday, December 19, 2011

My Last Blog of 2nd Quarter

This is my last blog and I don't know what to write. So I am writing about not knowing what to write about. I know that sounds confusing, but I get it. So, I have written about a lot of things already, and I am having major writers block. I am still only on the first line! This is going to take forever. You will probably think that this is weird that I am writing about this, but whatever. I am so confused about what to write, but here I am, writing about this, whatever I am writing. I don't really understand what I am writing about, but as long as I make it to how much I have to write. I know I shouldn't wait until last minutes to do these blogs, but I don't have a lot of interesting things that happen in my life. I think that the most exciting/terrifying thing that has happened to me was when I got bit by a dog. My most favorite memory is when m friends forced me to go on the Dragon Ball. I didn't want to go on it, but my friends made me. I was so scared when I was. My heart was pounding. When we got to the top, I felt like I was going to fall out of the seat. It was really scary! You know what I just realized, that I thought of writing about something! Yay! Well I think that I am done here now, so I am going to go. Ok? Bye! Wait, never mind, I don't have enough words yet. Hopefully, now I have enough words. I think I do so now all I have to say is bye!

My room

Yesterday, I rearranged my room. My parents to me that I needed to clean my room because it was a disaster, so I did both. I moved all my furniture around, vacuumed the floor, and dusted my furniture. I moved my bed from one side to the room, all the way to the other side. Then, I moved my dresser to where my bed used to me. I also moved my bookshelf by my closet, where my bulletin board used to be. I moved my bulletin board next to my dresser, where my peace sign used to be. I moved that to where my clock used to be. I moved my clock above my bookshelf. My bed is against the wall and it took me a while to clean it. My room isn't usually messy, but that weekend, we had a dance and I had friends over. My room needed to be cleaned, desperately. It took me probably about 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours to do this. It took me a while to get everything into place. It also took me a while to move my furniture. After I was done with that, I had to clean my room. There were many things on the floor that I had thrown and never picked up. I put all of the clothes on my floor in the hamper. Then I picked up all of my books that were on the floor and put them on my bookshelf. After that, my room looked 50 times better. Then I picked up everything else on my bed and the floor, it looked pretty good, but I could still do better. So, I vacuumed my room and dusted the furniture. After that, my room looked pretty good. When I finally came out of my room, my mom asked what took me so long, I said come and see. When she saw it she looked shocked and said I knew it! She liked it, but he told me next time to ask for help moving my things so that I didn't hurt myself while doing it.

The Weather...

I really hate this weather. I mean, seriously, no snow! It is already less than a week before Christmas and there is no snow on the ground at all! Don't you want snow? I do. Evev though the weather is nice right now, it doesn't feel right. To me, there should be at least one foot of snow right now. I also think that it feels like Spring instead of Christmas. It's kind of good, but not really. Don't you want to throw snowballs at someone, or make a snowman. I really hope that we have a white Christmas. Every morning, I look outside to see if it has snowed yer, but all I see is grass. Everyday, on my way to school, I sing; It's NOT looking a lot like Christmas. Do you think that too? I really wish that it would snow, because in Spring, I don't want to have any snow, but we probably will. You know what's weird? I have only worn my winter coat aroubd maybe 5 times. Otherwise, I am usually warm. Last night, I was so warm, that I wore shorts! Can you believe that? Shorts! That is not right. I should be bundled up, not wearing shorts and being hot. I am thinking about wearing shorts right now, because it is really hot in here, but I don't think that I am going to. Do you like this weather? I don;t care if you do, it is your opinion. I am glad that Christmas Break is coming soon, I hope that we have snow during the break. Do you?? I am kind of having writer's block right now, but that's ok, because I am almost done with this blog and then I only have two more to go! Wish me luck! (I should be done tonight.)

My Biggest Fear! :(

My biggest fear is..... Guess. Can't guess? My biggest fear is speaking in front of people. I don't know if that is a phobia, but if it is, then I have a phobia. For example, today in Social Studies, I had todo my report. I hated it! I was so nervous that my hands started shaking. It was that bad. Also, I think that I might have started seating. Maddie brought treats and I couldn't eat it because I felt like I was going to throw up. Literally, I took one bite and I almost puked it back up! My friends kept asking me if I was ok, because I looked like I was about to cry. I thought that I was going to. I felt the tears coming to my eyes, and I also felt a lump in my throat. I don't know why, but it just makes me nervous. I also think that my face got really red. During my speech, I had trouble breathing, I was short of breath. Sometimes, during the sentence I was reading, My voice would get really high and squeak. My heart was pounding really hard. I really hate talking in front of people. I think that the real reason is because I think that I will mess up, or get it wrong. I just really hate it! I never want to talk in front of a large group of people again! Ever! You may think that I am exaggerating, but I am not. Every time we do a group activity, I pray that I am never called on. I avoid the teacher's eye contact so that they don't pick on me. I hate when I mess up in front of people. I also don't like doing book talks with Mrs. Ihde. I don't like it, because I don't like talking to the teacher one on one. I am very nervous when that happens. My heart starts pounding. I tell myself to relax, but I just can't. After my social studies speech, my friends kept asking if I was ok. I said I was, because I was, but then they put their hand to my fore head and they said woah, your forehead is hot! Please never have me go up in front of anyone. I really hate it when I fell like that.

Madelyn Monroe

She came to my house today. We made sugar cookies and frosted them. It was fun. I liked decorating the candy canes the best. She came over around 5ish and is still here. I am writing this blog about what happened about two minutes ago. We were in my room, on our computers, on Facebook. I had my computer plugged in and then somehow it came out of the plug in. So I asked Maddie if she would plug it in, since she was closer to it. She rolled, slowly, to the plug in. She finally plugged it in and then she tried throwing the small part, that you plug into your computer for it to charge, at me. She failed pretty badly and we started laughing our heads off. Finally, we stopped laughing and she did it again, but I missed. We kept laughing because I couldn't catch it. I was mad at myself for not catching, but it was still pretty funny. I couldn't stop laughing and neither could she. We just kept laughing, and after what seemed like one thousand tries, I finally got it. When I got it, there was a break in the laughter when I did catch it. I felt like jello afterwards and felt like I couldn't move. My abs hurts. Maddie kept saying that she had to pee! Haha. Afterwards, the same thing happened and again, my abs hurt. I am laughing while I am writing this. :) It is very hard to keep my hands from shaking. Haha. :) Now my sisters are fighting, it is very amusing. Sadie is tickling Olivia! Olivia is the most ticklish person I know and her laugh is very funny!


Izzy is our second dog. Izzy is a female. She is 3 years old and was born on July 5th, 2008. Izzy is a cocker spaniel. She is brown and white. Izzy is a really fat dog. She is about 15 pounds over weight. She is very heavy to carry. She likes to sleep, but is also fun to play with. It you run around her, she would get up and chase you around the house. You have to be careful where you put your stuff, because she will chew it up. Sometimes, we leave to bathroom door open, and she gets the toilet paper and rips it apart. Izzy is very competitive and protective. If we are giving Casey attention and not her, she would get right in front of you and block Casey from your view. I think that Izzy is the dominant dog, because Casey always backs away whenever Izzy come over when we are by Casey. Izzy is more playful than Casey. If she gets the chance, she will run away from you, unless you watch her very closely. She looks like she can't run fast, but when she does, it will take forever to catch her. It is very funny to watch her run, especially when you are chasing her. You see her coming towards you, you try to grab her and then BAM! She goes the other way and curves right around you. How did we get Izzy? We weren't planning on getting her. We were by Walmart and we stopped at Kwik Star to get some gas. We saw that there were dogs for sale and we went over to look at the,. My mom said that we were only going to look, we weren't going to buy anything, but then my mom saw Izzy and fell in love with her. She was only $50. My dad was really mad about that because he said that one dog was enough, but he finally gave in.


Casey is one of my two dogs. Casey is a male and is four years old. His birthday is on December 10, 2007. I think that that is 28 in dog years. He is a maltese. Maltese are white and medium sized. They rarely shed. Casey is fun to be around. He is very playful and doesn't run away that often. He only runs away when our other dog, Izzy, gets loose and takes off. Ou know what is strange? She only runs off at our house, no one else's. He likes having his tummy rubbed. If you are sitting by him and you start petting him, you shouldn't stop. If you did, he would keep nudging your hand for you to keep petting him. He also likes scraps from the table. The veterinarians say that he is overweight, but he sure doesn't look like it. He is very light and he also runs very fast. The only thing that I don't like about Casey is his barking. He barks at nothing, people, and cars. He also barks when the blinds are shut, which I think is stupid because there he can't see anything and he also barks when you open the door, even though he can see you. It is very annoying, because his bark is very high pitched. It hurts my ears. How did we get Casey? We were looking for a dog, so we went somewhere outside of Decorah. We went to this trailer and we were originally going to get the girl, but my parents thought that Casey looked more laid back. Then they asked us which one we want more and the majority of us said Casey.

Friday, December 9, 2011

December 7,2011

Yesterday, we went shopping. I wasn't looking forward to it because I didn't like shopping. I had to go because my mom said we were going “Christmas Shopping.” Instead, we just went shopping for my little sister, Sadie. It wasn't fun. We first stopped at Walmart and got some groceries. We were in there for about 45 minutes. Then, we went to JC Pennys. My sister got nothing there. We were there for probably about 15-20 minutes. By the time we went to Maurices, it was already 3:30. My sister only liked one thing at Maurices, but my mother made her try on some more things. She ended up getting something that I wanted. She also got a pair of shoes. It was hard trying to find her a pair because she has such big feet! I am not joking. She wears size 11. I wear size 8 or 9. In fact, the other day, while we were in Montgomery, she got a pair of basketball shoes. They didn't have it in her size, so she got it in mens. She wears a 9 ½ in men's. Anyway, we were in there for about and hour and half or less. My dad met us in there after he was done with work. After we were done shopping for Sadie, we went to get a Christmas tree. We got our Christmas tree in Spillville. It was very cold and kind of dark outside. I wanted a big tree, but my mom and dad wanted a small one. They got their wish. The tree is so small, Maddie is almost as tall as it. I also think that my dad is taller than the tree, also. The only thing that I like about the tree is that it doesn't really look green. It kind of looks blue. Even though I wanted a big one, I am glad that we got one.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Montgomery, Illinois

Last Friday, I went to my cousin's house in Montgomery, Illinois. It is a suberb outside of Chicago. We left around 11:30 in the morning. We were taken out of school, and we headed out to Montgomery. It is a 5 hour drive to Montgomery. We stopped at a Subway in West Union to eat lunch. We also stopped in Iowa City and went shopping. We shopped for about two hours. When we were done shopping, we went back to the car and I slept the rest of the way there. We arrived at their house around 8:30 p.m. Our cousin's were still awake when we got there. We gave them big hugs, and got our dtuff out of the car. After that, we set up the air mattress that two of us were going to sleep on. My parents got my cousin's, Dylan, bedroom. My sister, Sadie, and I slept on the air mattress. There must have been a hole in it because in the morning it was flat. The next day we celebrated my cousin, Ethan, 3rd birthday. My aunt's family came and so did my grandparent's. The party started at 4 and ended at 9. Most of the time, we were watching Christmas movies, or playing a game with the younger kids. After they left, we watched a movie and I almost fell asleep on their couch. I moved to the air mattress and fell asleep. The next morning, I woke up around 8:30. I kept my other cousin, Logan, occupied while his mom made him a bottle. Dylan is seven years old, Ethan is three years old, and Logan is about 5 months old. Dylan looks like his dad and Ethan looks like his mom. I think that Logan looks like Dylan. We left around noon that day and we said good-bye. I slept most of the way home and we stoped at my grandmother's house. We stayed there until about 9 and we said good-bye. After that, we got home and we had to unpack. Our dogs were happy to see us and it seemed like they would never stop wagging their tails.

Thanksgiving Weekend, Part 2

The next day, we went to Thanksgiving on my mom's side. We went to my grandparen's house. My family and I arrived there at around 1:30. When we got there, the food still wasn't ready, so we went over to my great-grandparent's house (across the street) becauase he just had a surgery. He was feeling much better. We stayed there about half an hour, then went back to my grandparent's house. The food was ready so we ate. We basically had the same thing that we had at the McGee's house. After we were done wating, we taught them how to play Going Nuts. They were kind of confused at first, but then got the hang of it. I forgot to tell you that you want to get the most points possible. For example, say you got rid of all your thirteen cards, you would then have nothing to subtract from the cards in the middle. Say someone got rid of their thirteen cards instead of you, you would then have to count the card you have left, say you had six cards left. You would have to multiply that by two and then subtract that from your pile. Say you only got twelve cards back, then you would have no points which you don't want. Sometimes people even get negative numbers. While we were playing the game, my dad and my aunt were partners, they got as low as negative 25 and then they made a comeback of plus 39. We also watched Christmas movies on the TV on their kithen. After we were done playing the game, I watched some of them with my younger cousin and almost fell asleep. We left around 10:30-11:00 and our older cousin came to stay the night with us. The next day we went to the free movie that was showing in Decorah. It was called Zookeeper. It was a good movie, but we had to wait half an hour because their was something going on with the projector. During that half an hour, we had a popcorn fight. It was fun, and we were right in the middle of everyone. At the end, we went to the McGee's and said good bye to our cousins and left around 5:30 so we could go to the Brockway's. We ate homeade pizza, which was amazing! Then we played a few rounds of Going Nuts. After that, we said good bye to my cousins and went home.

Thanksgiving Weekend, Part 1

I celebrated Thanksgiving twice with my family. Once with my dad's side and once with my mom's side. On Thankgiving Day, we went to my dad's side, the McGee's. We left around noon. When we got there, we didn't eat right away. We had to wait for my uncle and my cousins arriving from Chicago. They got there around 1:30. Then we ate. We had potatoes, corn, turkey, stuffing, and vegetables. After we were done eating, we played games on the Wii. We played the game, Life. I was the winner. This was what happened during the game. I went to college and graduated. I became a doctor with a 100,000 salary. I married and African American and had twin girls. Throughout the game, I made ove two million dollars. The game took about an hour. After that I was bored so I watched the adults play cars for a while. My uncle was teaching them a new game and they taught me and my other sisters. The game was called Going Nuts. This isn't a very good explanation, but it is a mix between solitaire and this game called Dutch Blitz. You have to move fast and you have a partner. One person holds thirteen cards in their hands. The other person has the rest of the deck and lays four cards in front of them. When you start, the person with the deck has to flip over three cards at a time, like solitaire. If you have an ace, you can just lay it out in the middle of the table and then everybody with the same suit could lay on it. For example, if I lay an ace of hearts, then a person could lay on a two of hearts, then a three, and so on. You can only lay cards with the same suit in the middle. You have to alternate the color of the four cards in front of you. For example, say I had a black king, then I woud have to lay a red queen, then a back jack, and so on. It is a very fun game to play. After that we played spoons and in the first game, I got out. It was around 10:30-11:00 P.M. when we got home. I was tired and I fell asleep as soon as I got home.


In our basketball team, we have tweleve girls. The people on our team are Jaden Severson, Amber Brincks, Madelyn Monroe, Morgan Martin, Christina Nesvik, Torie Young, Ashley Budde, Chelsey Hageman, Ivy Karnik, Anna Langrek, Kelly Langrek, and me. Kayla Kennedy is the 7th grades basketball team's manager. She does our stats. I am not very good at lay-ups.Especially left-handed ones. I am also not very good at being aggressive. My parents say that I should pretend that they are my sisters and they took something of mine. I think that the best player on our basketball team is Christina Nesvik. She makes alomost all of the baskets. We have gotten better at basketball. Our first game, the score was 5-55. The second game, our score was 14-53. Our third game, the score was 15-29. That was when Christina made the first 3 points. We were winning by half time. But in the 3rd quarter , they made a comeback. You know which NFL team I feel like our team is like? I think that we are like the Minnesota Vikings. I think this because they have been very close to winning games, but they haven't won that many yet. We haven't won any games yet, but I hope that we will at least win one. I also think that we should work more on our lay-ups. We could also just work on our shooting form. That's is the biggest issue. I usually play post during games. Sometimes I play wing, but not usually. I think that our team is getting a lot better, but we still need to do some work. We have a game today against Key High (Lansing). I hope we win...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I am not a big fan of homework, like most people. I think that it is a good idea to have homework, but not everyday. Also, not a lot on the same day. For example, we had homework in most of our classes on the same day, but then the next day, we don't have any homework. I think that only one class should give homework per day, or every other day because sometimes, it is just too much to handle. Yesterday, we had a lot of homework to take home. Even though our homework was only in 2-3 classes (depending on exploratory) . We still had to take a lot of stuff home. We had to carry the big books, because our homework had to do with the book. The homework was in the two classes that had the largest books! All of the homework my friend, Amber Brincks, had barely fit in her bag! I think that the teachers should tell each other what they plan on doing for the day so that the other teachers know not to assign any or very little homework. They should also see which ones have study hall so then they could assign a little bit more homework or none. When I have too much homework, I feel suffocated. Like there is no end. I just do one assignment then another. But I like when I am done with it because I feel good about myself and that I can now do anything I can. I know that some people don't finish their homework when they have had plenty of time to work on it, but the teachers shouldn't assign so much homework. I also think that parents should make their children do homework the first thing when they get home, so that they can get that done and not worry about it not being done. They should also have their children get their stuff organized so that they don't forget it at home.

All Shook Up!

On Sunday, I went to the play, All Shook Up. I thought it was the best play that the highschool has done. The play was mostly about love. Everyone was inlove with the wrong person. The weirdest love story was between Chad and Ed (Natalie). You are probably wondering why is is also Natalie. She is a girl that disguised herself as a guy to get closer to Chad. Ed becomes Chad's “sidekick” and does many things for him. Ed gave Sandra (the girl Chad likes) a poem that Natalie's friend, Denis, gave her. Sandra then fell in love with Ed and chased him around. After that, Chad and Ed were talking. Chad was giving girl advace to Ed because he wanted to know what he looked for in a girl. After Chad had been talking to Ed for a while, Ed kissed Chad. Chad was shocked, and then he went Ed away after Ed had apoligized. Chad thought about it for a while, and he realized that he was in love with Ed. They all met up in the middle of the town. Chad told Ed that he loved him. Ed told Chad that he was actually a she, Natalie. Sandra fainted and then Denis told Natalie that he loved her. Natalie said that he was a nice guy, but the poem didn't mean anything to her. Then Sandra wakes up and says, “Wait YOU wrote that poem?!?” Then they fell in love. Chad was shocked that Ed was a girl. He left for the next town. Natalie was sad. The next day, Denis and Sandra got married. While they were getting married, Chad came back and told Natalie that he loved her. She told him that she didn't know if she was in love with him and Chad begged her to take him back. She said that she was going to travel the world and he said he wanted to go with her. They lived happily ever after. I thought that the play was very funny, even though there was some swearing in it.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How I Got My Bruise...

         I went to the last football game on Monday. I went with Jaden Severson. It took an hour and a half to get to Dyersville. The football team had played Dyersville before and we lost. I was hoping that we would win this time so we could have at least one more home football game. I like that our football field has a hill for us to sit on. I don't really like sitting in the bleachers. We got there about 10-15 minutes before the game started. We found a spot in the bleachers. We had to stand on the bleachers, because everyone else was standing, and if I didn't, I woiuldn't be able to see. So I was going up and down the bleachers, talking to different people. There were holes between the bleachers and I wan't that concerned that I would step in one. I was on the very top of the bleachers and I went to step down. As I stepped, my foot went through the hole in the bleachers and I fell down instantly. I almost fell down backwards after that, but I caught myself. I brought my foot up through the hole right away and I almost fell down again because it hurt ot put pressure on it. Almost everyone was laughing at me, and I was laughing too. I was alos trying to hold back tears. I didn't cry though and I had to get help to go back down the bleachers. About a minute later, I could walk on it again. I didn't think that much about it again. In the morning, I was getting dressed, when I saw my bruise. I had stayed overnight at Jaden's house and I couldn't show my parents it. I got on the bus and rode it to school and I showed everybody my bruise. There was also another person who did the same thing as me. I feel sorry for him, because he probably has as big of a bruise as I do. My bruise is about as long as my hand is is very large. It is also very black, blue, purple, and pink.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Language Arts/Blogger

I really like Language Arts. I also think that the teacher, Mr. Straube, is a good teacher. I would say that I am pretty good at Language Arts. I think that I am pretty good at writing and spelling. One thing that is supposed to help our writing is blogster. Blogger is a website that we can post our blogs on and he can view them to give us points for our writing. I also think that this is a good way of learning how to write, but I don't think that I could read all of these blogs. I think that I would get bored and want to stop, even though I know I can't because it is the end of the quarter and I have to get it done by Monday. I know that some people didn't do as many blogs as they were supposed to because they don't know what to writw about. I didn't but I thought of this and started typing. Mr. Straube was right, it is easy to type something once you get started. Sometimes I think that this is a pain, but I want you to tell me how good or bad my writing is. I think it is good because I am getting an A in it, but it could also be from the spelling tests that we had. I like to improve in all of my subjects at school so that I can becaime a better student and try to get a good carrer when I am older. I think that this is helping me very much and I think that I will probably have to write something like this when I am older.

School Laptops

I like our school laptops and our glad we have them. I think it would be weird is someone didn;t like them because we can do so many different things on them. We can listen to music, take pictures/videos, find out our assignments, and many more. I also like that we get to take it home. I am glad because I don't think that I could share one computer with my other two sisters, Olivia and Sadie. I also think that it has helped people learn to type better. I know that it has helped me. My favorite thing about the laptops is that we can do almost whatever we want on them. I am thankful that we get to have laptops in the first place. It has made everything so much easier. We also learn to do things that we never would have known. We have been shown different educational games and ways to get assignments. Yes, I am talking about Edmodo. Edmodo is a website that we go on to get our assignments. I like this because in case you forgot, you can just go to the website and it is there, most of the time. It also tells you if you have a late assignment and a new alert about something that is going on. Another thing that it tells you is when it is due. I like that because I usually forget when it is due and I can just go to Edmodo and see that it is there. The bad thing is that you have to have internet to do something on them when you aren't at school. The only things you can do is homework, if it is on a libre office document, or photobooth.

My Summer

I like summer. Why? Who wouldn't when you are a kid? I like sleeping in. Enjoying no homework. I also like that we can just relax. My favorite sport to play in summer is softball. I think that I am prettty good at softball. During a game, one of my hits got a person home and it won the game! Also, another person hit a homerun. It was funny after she ran it because she did this weird little dance. Everybody laughed. Another thing I enjoy doing in summer is babysitting. I like making money and I like spending time with kids. The most money I have made was 30 dollars. I usually babysat for my cousins. They are Owen, Brody, and Hayden Tieskoetter. Usually, I slept overnight, because the parents ledt late at night or early in the morning. Then I would babysit them until 9 or 10 in the morning. I like to babysit my cousins, because I get paid good and I also like their house. It is like a second home to me. I do many other things in the summer as well. I swim, ride my bike, read, hang out with friends, walk my dogs, and do my chores. That is the only thing I hat eabout summer. I have to do chores. The only good thing is that we get paid. We get paid 10 dollars a week. One week is just taking care of the dogs. The second week is doing the dishes and helping the person take car of the dogs. The third week we have to help our mom with laundry. Then it starts all over.

My Dad's Family

My dad's name is Cory. He is the oldset in his family. His parents are Bill and Dean McGee. They have three kids. Cory, Amy, and Billy. My dad is married to Brandi Brockway McGee. They have three daughters. Olivia, Hannah, and Sadie. Olivia is the oldest and she is 13 years old. She is in 8th grade. Her birthday is March 27th, 1998. His second daughter is Hannah. She is 12 years old and in 7th grade.Her birthday is on March 24th, 1999. Cory's youngest daughter is Sadie. She is 10 years old and in 5th grade. Her birthday is November 5th, 2000. Amy is the middle child, like me. She is married and has one kid. She is also pregnant with another one. It is supposed to be another boy. The baby is due at the beginning of February. Her oldest son is Austin. He is 13 years old and is in 8th grade. He is almost 14. He was born on October 23rd, 1997. She is married to Josh Buddenberg. Billy is the youngest. He is maried and has three children, all boys. He is married to Michelle Leneord McGee. Their oldest son is Dylan. He is 6 years old and in 1st grade. Their second son is Ethan. He is three years old. Their youngest son is Logan. He is only a year old. They also have two dogs. They are both cocker spaniels. Their names are Daisy and Duke. Daisy is blind and has cancer. She is also older than Duke. Duke is 2 years younger than Daisy. They have had puppies together before, but they haven't for a while I think that they all look alike, but I think that Dylan and Ethan look the most alike.

My Mom's Family

My mom's name is Brandi. Her maiden name is Brockway. Her parents are Larry and Kathy Brockway. She has two sisters. Jodi and Lisa. Jodi is the oldest daughter, she is married and has one child. Jodi is married to Kendall Ney. Her son's name is Tanner. He is fourteen and in 9th grade. They also have a dog named Dora.They live in Erie, Illionois. It is a 3 hour drive from here. My mom is the middle child. She is married and has 3 kids. She is married to Cory McGee and her children are all girls. Their names are Olivia, Hannah (Me), and Sadie. Olivia is thirteen and is in 8th grade. I am 12 years old and in 7th grade. Sadie is 10, almost 11, and in 5th grade. They also have two dogs. Their names are Izzy and Casey. Izzy is a girl cocker spaniel. Casey is a boy maltese. Lisa is the baby of the family. She is married and has 3 kids. She is married to Russell Tieskoetter and all of her children are boys. Her oldest son, Owen, is 7. He is in second grade. Her second sons name is Brody. He is four and is in kindergarten. Owen and Brody look nothing alike. Owen has red hair and brown eyes, while Brody has blonde hair and blue-green eyes. Hey youngest son is Hayden. He is 1 year old and has recently started walking. He is very cute! They also have a dog. Her name is Charlie and she is also a cocker spaniel. I think that they all look alike, but I think that my mom and Jodi look the most alike. I think this because they are both about the same size, they both have glasses/contacts, and their voices sound the same.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I really like Facebook. I know some people don't and think that it is a waste of time, but I think that if they would try it, they would really like it. There are so many things that you can do. For example you can play games. My favorite game is snake. I have to highest score. My score is 1,040. Another thing I like about Facebook is that you can chat and video chat with other people. I also like the statuses that are on there. You can also out whatever you want on you wall/profile. Another thing you can do is look at other people profiles. You can also see people's conversations they have between other people that they posted on eachothers walls. I also think that some other websites are trying to do things that Facebook has. For example, I think that Edmodo is sort of like facebook. Only it is for educational purposes. Edmodo has assignments and quizzes. Facebook has quizzes, but they aren;t educational. You can basically do the same things that you do on Facebook on Edmodo. You can comment, talk to other people (even though we aren't supposed to), we also find out things that we didn;t know about them. Fo rexample, on Facebook, you can tell when their birthday is because it is on their profile. On Edmodo, you can find out what poeple's favorite football team is by looking at their profile. Another thing that they have in common is that the teachers can make assignments and you can create an event on Facebook. They are kind of similar because the Facebook event could be educational but usually it isn't. Unlike Edmodo, when it is always eduational.

My Typical Day

First thing I do is get out of bed. Then I eat breakfast or take a shower. It usually takes me 10 minutes for both of them. Then I brush my teeth and put my rubber bands in. The next thing I do is get dressed. After I am dressed, I do my hair. It usually takes me 15 minutes to do it. Then I put in my contacts and do my make-up. When I am done with that, I get my backpack and my computer and head to school. My first period class is Social Studies with Mr. Johnson. This is the only class that we don't have assigned seats in. Then I go to Math. The teacher is Mrs. Franzen. After that I go to Language Arts with Mr. Straube. I like this class very much! Then I go to Reading. The teacher is Mrs. Ihde. I like this class because we usually don't have a lot of homework. Then I have Science with Mrs. Olsen Johnson. After that I go to luch. Usually I don't like it because they serve Mexican food. I don't like it that well. I would say that my favorite school lunch is the Thanksgiving meal. Mashed potatoes with gravy, turkey, and I think applesauce. After that I either have P.E. Or Art. I like either of them and I really like them right now. I especially like Art because we are making clay animals. It is very fun. I am making an elephant, but I have no idea how I am going to make the ears. Then I either have Band or Study Hall. We don't usually do anything in studyhall, but I enjoy getting to do whatever we want when we hae no homeowork, or if we get out early. After that I have CFGS, but now I have Health with Mrs. Holien. Then I go home and relax. I watch TV or go on my computer. When I had a lot of homework and don't finish it, I usually do that first. I have to go to bed at 10:00 PM and then I do it all over again. Until the weekend.


I think our first season of volleyball was good. We were preety good at passing and setting. Our serves used to be so bad, that some of them couldn't even hit it over the net. I was not one of them. What I needed to work on was setting. I was ok at setting, but I was not the best. I think the best setter was Christina. I think our best server was Madelyn. She made almost of her serves over the net. I think everybody made a lot of progress over the volleyball season. I think everybody was very good and even though we all needed improvement, we were great. My favorite thing to do in volleyball is serve. I like serving. In two of our games, I won them because of my serves. I was very nervous at our first and last game. One thing was because we it was our first game and we were all pretty nervous. I was nervous at our last game because I wanted us to end the season with a good game. We tied 2-2. We win the first and third games, but we lost the 2nd and 4th. One other thing that we have gotten better at was talking and using three hits. What that means is that one person bumps/passes it to another player. Then that player sets it to one other person. Finally, the third person attacks/rollshots the ball to the backrow to the other team. I am sad that volleyball is over, but at least we can do it next year. Also tomorrow is our pizza party. It is from after school to 3:00 PM


My name is Hannah McGee. My parents are Cory and Brandi McGee. I have two sisters. Olivia and Sadie McGee. I also have two dogs. Their names are Izzy and Casey. Casey is a Maltese and Izzy is a Cocker Spaniel. Unfortunatley, I am the middle child. I don't like being in the middle because I don't usually get to pick what to do, or what restaurant we get to go to. Olivia is the oldest child. She is 13 years old. What I like about this is that we are the same age for three days. Why? Because I was born on March 24th, 1999 and Olivia was born on March 27th, 1998. She doesn't like me being the same age as her. The only thing I hate about it is that we usually celebrate our birthdays together. Sadie is my younger sister. She is only 10, but she is going to turn 11 on November 5th. The year she was born in was 2000. I also wanted to have a younger brother, but it kind of evens out. I say this because all of our cousins are boys. I feel like we act like more of a brother and a sister than we do cousins. I think that we are more close to my cousins Autin Keck, Owen, Brody, and Hayden Tieskoetter. I say this because they live in this town and go to the same school as we do. Our other cousins live in Illionois. We have four cousins in Illionois. They are Tanner Brockway, Dylan, Ethan, and Logan McGee. We don't see them that much and I wish we did because I miss them a lot when they aren't here.

Hayward, WI 2011: Day 4 (Last Day)

On our last day of vacation, we didn't go fishing at all. Instead, we spent most of the moring packing our things. Some of our stuff went into my uncle's truck because we couldn't fit everything into our vehicle. I had to ride with my uncle because our whole family couldn't fit into our vehicle. We were the first ones to leave, because my uncle wanted to be home soon. We left around 9: 30- 10:00 AM. On the way home, I watched two movies. I watched Grown Ups and Just Go With It. I liked both movies equally and I thought that hey were very good. Both movies had Adam Sandler in it. I liked Just Go With It better. I watched those movies for about 2-3 hours and as I said before, it is a five hour trip. I also enjoyed looking at the trees. I liked the different colors. I also slept some of the way, because there was nothing else to do. When we got to my uncle's house, I went on the computer. Then I went and watched TV for about 1 ½ . After that we had to go to my grandma's house. First, er had to stop at our house to get our other dog. He was very excited when he saw me. When we got to my grandma's we ate the leftovers that we had from Hayward. I wasn't in the mood for leftovers, but there was nothing else to eat, so I had to other wise I would be hungry for the rest of the night. A little while after we ate, my grandma gave us oreos to eat. I liked those and after that, we had to get home so we could unpack.

Hayward, WI 2011: Day 3

The next day, I woke up around 8:30. They didn't go fishing that morning because it was very windy. For breakfast, we had breakfast bake. Breakfast bake is eggs, ham, mushrooms, and cheese in it. It was very delicious. We also had eggs and bacon. After that, we relaxed for a little bit up at the lodge. We played pool, and wen ton our computers. We were there until the adults told us to come down if we wanted to go fishing. They told us this around noon. I was amazed how much the weather has changed from the morning. In the morning, it was cold and windy. At noon, it was hot and somewhat breezy. We made sandwhiches to bring incase we got hungry. We also brought some snacks and drinks.While we were on the boat, Olivia sat on the sandwiches. Luckily, we have all eaten at least one sandwich before she sat on them. I caught a lot of fish, but not as many as my cousin, Owen. My sisters also caught many fish. When we came back, we ate fish. Since I don't like fish, I ate a baked potato and a hotdog. Then we went up to the lodge and went in the hot tub. After that, we played liver pool (a card game). We played for about 1 ½. It was past 11:00 and we had to get to bed. I didn't go to bed right away, because there was a movie on the TV in the bunkhouse. We were watching Super Cops. I thought that the movie was funny and I laughed at almost every part in the movie, even though some parts were kind of stupid. I went to bed around 12:30 AM.

Hayward, WI 2011: Day 2

I woke up around 8:00 AM on Friday. I went down to the cabin. When I was there, some of my family members were sleeping. My other family members were out fishing, I don't like going fishing in the morning because we have to get up around 6:30 AM. So, I decided to eat a poptart for some of my breakfast until everyone else was awake. Then I put in a movie to watch. I put in Grown Ups. When the movie was almost over, my family came back from fishing (by that time everyone else was awake). I tried to finish my book after that. I read for about 1 hour, then I stopped. Then I went up to the lodge with my sister and we played a game of pool. I won. After that, we went back down to the cabin, and that is when I noticed that my other aunt, uncle and cousin had arrived. I gave them all huge hugs, because I rarely see them (They live in Illionios). Then we went fishing again. We fished from about 2:00- 5:30 PM. We caught a lot of fish that day, but we didn't eat fish that night. Instead, we had potatoes and hot dogs. Then we went up to the lodge and went on our computers. The lodge is the only place up there that you can get internet. Then, we went in the hot tub. After that, we played a game of pool and went to our cabin and bunkhouse to go to sleep. When we went to sleep, we put in a movie. I couldn't watch all of it because I was very tired and fell asleep right away.

Hayward, WI 2011: Day 1

My whole family went to Hayward, WI last week. I also skipped Thursday and Friday of school. Before we left, we had to pack. It didn't take us very long. We didn't get to sleep in either because we left early. It is about a 5 hour drive. We had to get our stuff all packed into the car, so we woke up around 6- 6:30 AM. One of my sisters went with my uncle. My other sister went with my grandparents and I went with my parents. We also brought one of our dogs, Izzy. I slept some of the way, because there isn't that much to do. Another thing I did was read. We got there around noon. The first thing we did when we got there was unpack. We had a bunkhouse and a cabin. My parents and my grandparents slept in the bedrooms at the cabin. One of my sisters slept on the couch in the cabin. My uncle, cousins, my other sister, and I slept in the bunkhouse. The bunkhouse has two bunkbeds. I got a bottom bunk and so did my uncle. One of my cousins was on the floor (because he didn't like the top bunk) and my sister slept on the other top bunk. Another thing we did that day was go fishing. We went fishing from 3:00-6:30. We caught some fish, but not a lot. After that, we went back to our cabin and ate supper. While we were eating supper, we watched a movie. After that movie, we headed up to the lodge to play pool, air hockey, and pingpong. When we were done we headed to the bunkhouse to sleep.


Last week was homecoming week. We had to do something for each day. On Monday we had to wear a shirt for which team was our favorite. I wore an Iowa Hawkeye shirt. Most of the people in 7th grade did. On Tuesday, was 80's day/Neon day. Most girls dressed up for it, but many of the boys didn't. Only one boy in our class did something on 80's day. He wore a fake afro. On Wednesday, we had to dress up as nerds. Many people outdid themselves for this. I just wore some 3-D glasses with the lenses popped out and it had tape around it. My cousin, Austin, wore a blue plaid shirt with pens and pencils in the pocket and had his 3-D glasses. He also talked like a nerd and I think he was the best nerd. I also told him that he didn't need to dress-up. I only said that because he's my cousin! Thursday was dress-up day. Again, most of the girls dressed up and some of the boys didn't participate. Friday was of course, spirit day. Everyone dressed up in South Winneshiek clothes. While we were outside, the student council people brought red and white hair spray and most people colored their hair. Madelyn Monroe brought facepaint and she put it on some peoples faces. She also wrote dork on Mr. Johnson's forehead. Also, while we were in Mr. Johnson's class, we helped decorate his room and the hallways. We put many red, white, and gray streamers around his room and in the hall. At the end of the day, we were in science and most people took pictures on photo booth. There are a lot of photos that we took. Also, everyday of the week, Mr. Johsnon would take everybody who participated in that activity, and took a picture of the whole middle school and the separate classes. He posted them on the school website.

Hayward, WI

Every year since I was three, my family would go to Hayward, WI. We go up there because my dad's work owns a place up there called Gemoben. It is a lake-side resort. We usually stay up there to 3-5 days. It takes us 5 ½ to 6 hours to get there. We usually go there in the summer and in the fall. We are going again in October, this may be our last time because my dad also works at the Decorah postoffice and he is next in line to becoming full time. The only reason he hasn't quit yet is because he need more training until he can go to first shift.
Nothing bad usually happens while we are in Gemoben, but one time something did. We were out fishing for a while and we were coming back. We were with my mom's family. And my granda was sitting in the very front of the boat, which had no railing. Then in the middle of the of the boat was my aunt, uncle, cousin, and grandma. My dad was driving the boat and my mom, sisters, and I were in the back. Then my sister, Olivia, walks to the front of the boat and all of a sudden we hear a weird noise coming from the back of the boat and then the front starts sinking. My grandpa starts yelling and my dad is yelling, “Everybody to the back of the boat!” So everyone but my aunt and uncle go to the back so they could help my grandpa. After we pulled in my grandpa, everybody starts laughing. My grandpa is kind of mad but he gets over it and starts laughing also. Everybody was fine, but we lost a chair.