Thursday, October 13, 2011


My name is Hannah McGee. My parents are Cory and Brandi McGee. I have two sisters. Olivia and Sadie McGee. I also have two dogs. Their names are Izzy and Casey. Casey is a Maltese and Izzy is a Cocker Spaniel. Unfortunatley, I am the middle child. I don't like being in the middle because I don't usually get to pick what to do, or what restaurant we get to go to. Olivia is the oldest child. She is 13 years old. What I like about this is that we are the same age for three days. Why? Because I was born on March 24th, 1999 and Olivia was born on March 27th, 1998. She doesn't like me being the same age as her. The only thing I hate about it is that we usually celebrate our birthdays together. Sadie is my younger sister. She is only 10, but she is going to turn 11 on November 5th. The year she was born in was 2000. I also wanted to have a younger brother, but it kind of evens out. I say this because all of our cousins are boys. I feel like we act like more of a brother and a sister than we do cousins. I think that we are more close to my cousins Autin Keck, Owen, Brody, and Hayden Tieskoetter. I say this because they live in this town and go to the same school as we do. Our other cousins live in Illionois. We have four cousins in Illionois. They are Tanner Brockway, Dylan, Ethan, and Logan McGee. We don't see them that much and I wish we did because I miss them a lot when they aren't here.

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