Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hayward, WI 2011: Day 2

I woke up around 8:00 AM on Friday. I went down to the cabin. When I was there, some of my family members were sleeping. My other family members were out fishing, I don't like going fishing in the morning because we have to get up around 6:30 AM. So, I decided to eat a poptart for some of my breakfast until everyone else was awake. Then I put in a movie to watch. I put in Grown Ups. When the movie was almost over, my family came back from fishing (by that time everyone else was awake). I tried to finish my book after that. I read for about 1 hour, then I stopped. Then I went up to the lodge with my sister and we played a game of pool. I won. After that, we went back down to the cabin, and that is when I noticed that my other aunt, uncle and cousin had arrived. I gave them all huge hugs, because I rarely see them (They live in Illionios). Then we went fishing again. We fished from about 2:00- 5:30 PM. We caught a lot of fish that day, but we didn't eat fish that night. Instead, we had potatoes and hot dogs. Then we went up to the lodge and went on our computers. The lodge is the only place up there that you can get internet. Then, we went in the hot tub. After that, we played a game of pool and went to our cabin and bunkhouse to go to sleep. When we went to sleep, we put in a movie. I couldn't watch all of it because I was very tired and fell asleep right away.

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