Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hayward, WI 2011: Day 4 (Last Day)

On our last day of vacation, we didn't go fishing at all. Instead, we spent most of the moring packing our things. Some of our stuff went into my uncle's truck because we couldn't fit everything into our vehicle. I had to ride with my uncle because our whole family couldn't fit into our vehicle. We were the first ones to leave, because my uncle wanted to be home soon. We left around 9: 30- 10:00 AM. On the way home, I watched two movies. I watched Grown Ups and Just Go With It. I liked both movies equally and I thought that hey were very good. Both movies had Adam Sandler in it. I liked Just Go With It better. I watched those movies for about 2-3 hours and as I said before, it is a five hour trip. I also enjoyed looking at the trees. I liked the different colors. I also slept some of the way, because there was nothing else to do. When we got to my uncle's house, I went on the computer. Then I went and watched TV for about 1 ½ . After that we had to go to my grandma's house. First, er had to stop at our house to get our other dog. He was very excited when he saw me. When we got to my grandma's we ate the leftovers that we had from Hayward. I wasn't in the mood for leftovers, but there was nothing else to eat, so I had to other wise I would be hungry for the rest of the night. A little while after we ate, my grandma gave us oreos to eat. I liked those and after that, we had to get home so we could unpack.

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