Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hayward, WI

Every year since I was three, my family would go to Hayward, WI. We go up there because my dad's work owns a place up there called Gemoben. It is a lake-side resort. We usually stay up there to 3-5 days. It takes us 5 ½ to 6 hours to get there. We usually go there in the summer and in the fall. We are going again in October, this may be our last time because my dad also works at the Decorah postoffice and he is next in line to becoming full time. The only reason he hasn't quit yet is because he need more training until he can go to first shift.
Nothing bad usually happens while we are in Gemoben, but one time something did. We were out fishing for a while and we were coming back. We were with my mom's family. And my granda was sitting in the very front of the boat, which had no railing. Then in the middle of the of the boat was my aunt, uncle, cousin, and grandma. My dad was driving the boat and my mom, sisters, and I were in the back. Then my sister, Olivia, walks to the front of the boat and all of a sudden we hear a weird noise coming from the back of the boat and then the front starts sinking. My grandpa starts yelling and my dad is yelling, “Everybody to the back of the boat!” So everyone but my aunt and uncle go to the back so they could help my grandpa. After we pulled in my grandpa, everybody starts laughing. My grandpa is kind of mad but he gets over it and starts laughing also. Everybody was fine, but we lost a chair.

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