Thursday, October 13, 2011


Last week was homecoming week. We had to do something for each day. On Monday we had to wear a shirt for which team was our favorite. I wore an Iowa Hawkeye shirt. Most of the people in 7th grade did. On Tuesday, was 80's day/Neon day. Most girls dressed up for it, but many of the boys didn't. Only one boy in our class did something on 80's day. He wore a fake afro. On Wednesday, we had to dress up as nerds. Many people outdid themselves for this. I just wore some 3-D glasses with the lenses popped out and it had tape around it. My cousin, Austin, wore a blue plaid shirt with pens and pencils in the pocket and had his 3-D glasses. He also talked like a nerd and I think he was the best nerd. I also told him that he didn't need to dress-up. I only said that because he's my cousin! Thursday was dress-up day. Again, most of the girls dressed up and some of the boys didn't participate. Friday was of course, spirit day. Everyone dressed up in South Winneshiek clothes. While we were outside, the student council people brought red and white hair spray and most people colored their hair. Madelyn Monroe brought facepaint and she put it on some peoples faces. She also wrote dork on Mr. Johnson's forehead. Also, while we were in Mr. Johnson's class, we helped decorate his room and the hallways. We put many red, white, and gray streamers around his room and in the hall. At the end of the day, we were in science and most people took pictures on photo booth. There are a lot of photos that we took. Also, everyday of the week, Mr. Johsnon would take everybody who participated in that activity, and took a picture of the whole middle school and the separate classes. He posted them on the school website.

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