Saturday, October 15, 2011

Language Arts/Blogger

I really like Language Arts. I also think that the teacher, Mr. Straube, is a good teacher. I would say that I am pretty good at Language Arts. I think that I am pretty good at writing and spelling. One thing that is supposed to help our writing is blogster. Blogger is a website that we can post our blogs on and he can view them to give us points for our writing. I also think that this is a good way of learning how to write, but I don't think that I could read all of these blogs. I think that I would get bored and want to stop, even though I know I can't because it is the end of the quarter and I have to get it done by Monday. I know that some people didn't do as many blogs as they were supposed to because they don't know what to writw about. I didn't but I thought of this and started typing. Mr. Straube was right, it is easy to type something once you get started. Sometimes I think that this is a pain, but I want you to tell me how good or bad my writing is. I think it is good because I am getting an A in it, but it could also be from the spelling tests that we had. I like to improve in all of my subjects at school so that I can becaime a better student and try to get a good carrer when I am older. I think that this is helping me very much and I think that I will probably have to write something like this when I am older.

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  1. It's not as bad as you think to read all these blogs. Some of you have very cool ideas and perspectives on things! :) Keep up the great work, Hannah!