Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Summer

I like summer. Why? Who wouldn't when you are a kid? I like sleeping in. Enjoying no homework. I also like that we can just relax. My favorite sport to play in summer is softball. I think that I am prettty good at softball. During a game, one of my hits got a person home and it won the game! Also, another person hit a homerun. It was funny after she ran it because she did this weird little dance. Everybody laughed. Another thing I enjoy doing in summer is babysitting. I like making money and I like spending time with kids. The most money I have made was 30 dollars. I usually babysat for my cousins. They are Owen, Brody, and Hayden Tieskoetter. Usually, I slept overnight, because the parents ledt late at night or early in the morning. Then I would babysit them until 9 or 10 in the morning. I like to babysit my cousins, because I get paid good and I also like their house. It is like a second home to me. I do many other things in the summer as well. I swim, ride my bike, read, hang out with friends, walk my dogs, and do my chores. That is the only thing I hat eabout summer. I have to do chores. The only good thing is that we get paid. We get paid 10 dollars a week. One week is just taking care of the dogs. The second week is doing the dishes and helping the person take car of the dogs. The third week we have to help our mom with laundry. Then it starts all over.

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