Saturday, October 15, 2011

School Laptops

I like our school laptops and our glad we have them. I think it would be weird is someone didn;t like them because we can do so many different things on them. We can listen to music, take pictures/videos, find out our assignments, and many more. I also like that we get to take it home. I am glad because I don't think that I could share one computer with my other two sisters, Olivia and Sadie. I also think that it has helped people learn to type better. I know that it has helped me. My favorite thing about the laptops is that we can do almost whatever we want on them. I am thankful that we get to have laptops in the first place. It has made everything so much easier. We also learn to do things that we never would have known. We have been shown different educational games and ways to get assignments. Yes, I am talking about Edmodo. Edmodo is a website that we go on to get our assignments. I like this because in case you forgot, you can just go to the website and it is there, most of the time. It also tells you if you have a late assignment and a new alert about something that is going on. Another thing that it tells you is when it is due. I like that because I usually forget when it is due and I can just go to Edmodo and see that it is there. The bad thing is that you have to have internet to do something on them when you aren't at school. The only things you can do is homework, if it is on a libre office document, or photobooth.

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