Thursday, October 13, 2011


I think our first season of volleyball was good. We were preety good at passing and setting. Our serves used to be so bad, that some of them couldn't even hit it over the net. I was not one of them. What I needed to work on was setting. I was ok at setting, but I was not the best. I think the best setter was Christina. I think our best server was Madelyn. She made almost of her serves over the net. I think everybody made a lot of progress over the volleyball season. I think everybody was very good and even though we all needed improvement, we were great. My favorite thing to do in volleyball is serve. I like serving. In two of our games, I won them because of my serves. I was very nervous at our first and last game. One thing was because we it was our first game and we were all pretty nervous. I was nervous at our last game because I wanted us to end the season with a good game. We tied 2-2. We win the first and third games, but we lost the 2nd and 4th. One other thing that we have gotten better at was talking and using three hits. What that means is that one person bumps/passes it to another player. Then that player sets it to one other person. Finally, the third person attacks/rollshots the ball to the backrow to the other team. I am sad that volleyball is over, but at least we can do it next year. Also tomorrow is our pizza party. It is from after school to 3:00 PM

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