Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I am not a big fan of homework, like most people. I think that it is a good idea to have homework, but not everyday. Also, not a lot on the same day. For example, we had homework in most of our classes on the same day, but then the next day, we don't have any homework. I think that only one class should give homework per day, or every other day because sometimes, it is just too much to handle. Yesterday, we had a lot of homework to take home. Even though our homework was only in 2-3 classes (depending on exploratory) . We still had to take a lot of stuff home. We had to carry the big books, because our homework had to do with the book. The homework was in the two classes that had the largest books! All of the homework my friend, Amber Brincks, had barely fit in her bag! I think that the teachers should tell each other what they plan on doing for the day so that the other teachers know not to assign any or very little homework. They should also see which ones have study hall so then they could assign a little bit more homework or none. When I have too much homework, I feel suffocated. Like there is no end. I just do one assignment then another. But I like when I am done with it because I feel good about myself and that I can now do anything I can. I know that some people don't finish their homework when they have had plenty of time to work on it, but the teachers shouldn't assign so much homework. I also think that parents should make their children do homework the first thing when they get home, so that they can get that done and not worry about it not being done. They should also have their children get their stuff organized so that they don't forget it at home.

All Shook Up!

On Sunday, I went to the play, All Shook Up. I thought it was the best play that the highschool has done. The play was mostly about love. Everyone was inlove with the wrong person. The weirdest love story was between Chad and Ed (Natalie). You are probably wondering why is is also Natalie. She is a girl that disguised herself as a guy to get closer to Chad. Ed becomes Chad's “sidekick” and does many things for him. Ed gave Sandra (the girl Chad likes) a poem that Natalie's friend, Denis, gave her. Sandra then fell in love with Ed and chased him around. After that, Chad and Ed were talking. Chad was giving girl advace to Ed because he wanted to know what he looked for in a girl. After Chad had been talking to Ed for a while, Ed kissed Chad. Chad was shocked, and then he went Ed away after Ed had apoligized. Chad thought about it for a while, and he realized that he was in love with Ed. They all met up in the middle of the town. Chad told Ed that he loved him. Ed told Chad that he was actually a she, Natalie. Sandra fainted and then Denis told Natalie that he loved her. Natalie said that he was a nice guy, but the poem didn't mean anything to her. Then Sandra wakes up and says, “Wait YOU wrote that poem?!?” Then they fell in love. Chad was shocked that Ed was a girl. He left for the next town. Natalie was sad. The next day, Denis and Sandra got married. While they were getting married, Chad came back and told Natalie that he loved her. She told him that she didn't know if she was in love with him and Chad begged her to take him back. She said that she was going to travel the world and he said he wanted to go with her. They lived happily ever after. I thought that the play was very funny, even though there was some swearing in it.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How I Got My Bruise...

         I went to the last football game on Monday. I went with Jaden Severson. It took an hour and a half to get to Dyersville. The football team had played Dyersville before and we lost. I was hoping that we would win this time so we could have at least one more home football game. I like that our football field has a hill for us to sit on. I don't really like sitting in the bleachers. We got there about 10-15 minutes before the game started. We found a spot in the bleachers. We had to stand on the bleachers, because everyone else was standing, and if I didn't, I woiuldn't be able to see. So I was going up and down the bleachers, talking to different people. There were holes between the bleachers and I wan't that concerned that I would step in one. I was on the very top of the bleachers and I went to step down. As I stepped, my foot went through the hole in the bleachers and I fell down instantly. I almost fell down backwards after that, but I caught myself. I brought my foot up through the hole right away and I almost fell down again because it hurt ot put pressure on it. Almost everyone was laughing at me, and I was laughing too. I was alos trying to hold back tears. I didn't cry though and I had to get help to go back down the bleachers. About a minute later, I could walk on it again. I didn't think that much about it again. In the morning, I was getting dressed, when I saw my bruise. I had stayed overnight at Jaden's house and I couldn't show my parents it. I got on the bus and rode it to school and I showed everybody my bruise. There was also another person who did the same thing as me. I feel sorry for him, because he probably has as big of a bruise as I do. My bruise is about as long as my hand is is very large. It is also very black, blue, purple, and pink.