Wednesday, November 16, 2011

All Shook Up!

On Sunday, I went to the play, All Shook Up. I thought it was the best play that the highschool has done. The play was mostly about love. Everyone was inlove with the wrong person. The weirdest love story was between Chad and Ed (Natalie). You are probably wondering why is is also Natalie. She is a girl that disguised herself as a guy to get closer to Chad. Ed becomes Chad's “sidekick” and does many things for him. Ed gave Sandra (the girl Chad likes) a poem that Natalie's friend, Denis, gave her. Sandra then fell in love with Ed and chased him around. After that, Chad and Ed were talking. Chad was giving girl advace to Ed because he wanted to know what he looked for in a girl. After Chad had been talking to Ed for a while, Ed kissed Chad. Chad was shocked, and then he went Ed away after Ed had apoligized. Chad thought about it for a while, and he realized that he was in love with Ed. They all met up in the middle of the town. Chad told Ed that he loved him. Ed told Chad that he was actually a she, Natalie. Sandra fainted and then Denis told Natalie that he loved her. Natalie said that he was a nice guy, but the poem didn't mean anything to her. Then Sandra wakes up and says, “Wait YOU wrote that poem?!?” Then they fell in love. Chad was shocked that Ed was a girl. He left for the next town. Natalie was sad. The next day, Denis and Sandra got married. While they were getting married, Chad came back and told Natalie that he loved her. She told him that she didn't know if she was in love with him and Chad begged her to take him back. She said that she was going to travel the world and he said he wanted to go with her. They lived happily ever after. I thought that the play was very funny, even though there was some swearing in it.

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