Tuesday, December 6, 2011


In our basketball team, we have tweleve girls. The people on our team are Jaden Severson, Amber Brincks, Madelyn Monroe, Morgan Martin, Christina Nesvik, Torie Young, Ashley Budde, Chelsey Hageman, Ivy Karnik, Anna Langrek, Kelly Langrek, and me. Kayla Kennedy is the 7th grades basketball team's manager. She does our stats. I am not very good at lay-ups.Especially left-handed ones. I am also not very good at being aggressive. My parents say that I should pretend that they are my sisters and they took something of mine. I think that the best player on our basketball team is Christina Nesvik. She makes alomost all of the baskets. We have gotten better at basketball. Our first game, the score was 5-55. The second game, our score was 14-53. Our third game, the score was 15-29. That was when Christina made the first 3 points. We were winning by half time. But in the 3rd quarter , they made a comeback. You know which NFL team I feel like our team is like? I think that we are like the Minnesota Vikings. I think this because they have been very close to winning games, but they haven't won that many yet. We haven't won any games yet, but I hope that we will at least win one. I also think that we should work more on our lay-ups. We could also just work on our shooting form. That's is the biggest issue. I usually play post during games. Sometimes I play wing, but not usually. I think that our team is getting a lot better, but we still need to do some work. We have a game today against Key High (Lansing). I hope we win...

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