Monday, December 19, 2011


Casey is one of my two dogs. Casey is a male and is four years old. His birthday is on December 10, 2007. I think that that is 28 in dog years. He is a maltese. Maltese are white and medium sized. They rarely shed. Casey is fun to be around. He is very playful and doesn't run away that often. He only runs away when our other dog, Izzy, gets loose and takes off. Ou know what is strange? She only runs off at our house, no one else's. He likes having his tummy rubbed. If you are sitting by him and you start petting him, you shouldn't stop. If you did, he would keep nudging your hand for you to keep petting him. He also likes scraps from the table. The veterinarians say that he is overweight, but he sure doesn't look like it. He is very light and he also runs very fast. The only thing that I don't like about Casey is his barking. He barks at nothing, people, and cars. He also barks when the blinds are shut, which I think is stupid because there he can't see anything and he also barks when you open the door, even though he can see you. It is very annoying, because his bark is very high pitched. It hurts my ears. How did we get Casey? We were looking for a dog, so we went somewhere outside of Decorah. We went to this trailer and we were originally going to get the girl, but my parents thought that Casey looked more laid back. Then they asked us which one we want more and the majority of us said Casey.

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