Monday, December 19, 2011

Madelyn Monroe

She came to my house today. We made sugar cookies and frosted them. It was fun. I liked decorating the candy canes the best. She came over around 5ish and is still here. I am writing this blog about what happened about two minutes ago. We were in my room, on our computers, on Facebook. I had my computer plugged in and then somehow it came out of the plug in. So I asked Maddie if she would plug it in, since she was closer to it. She rolled, slowly, to the plug in. She finally plugged it in and then she tried throwing the small part, that you plug into your computer for it to charge, at me. She failed pretty badly and we started laughing our heads off. Finally, we stopped laughing and she did it again, but I missed. We kept laughing because I couldn't catch it. I was mad at myself for not catching, but it was still pretty funny. I couldn't stop laughing and neither could she. We just kept laughing, and after what seemed like one thousand tries, I finally got it. When I got it, there was a break in the laughter when I did catch it. I felt like jello afterwards and felt like I couldn't move. My abs hurts. Maddie kept saying that she had to pee! Haha. Afterwards, the same thing happened and again, my abs hurt. I am laughing while I am writing this. :) It is very hard to keep my hands from shaking. Haha. :) Now my sisters are fighting, it is very amusing. Sadie is tickling Olivia! Olivia is the most ticklish person I know and her laugh is very funny!

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