Monday, December 19, 2011

The Weather...

I really hate this weather. I mean, seriously, no snow! It is already less than a week before Christmas and there is no snow on the ground at all! Don't you want snow? I do. Evev though the weather is nice right now, it doesn't feel right. To me, there should be at least one foot of snow right now. I also think that it feels like Spring instead of Christmas. It's kind of good, but not really. Don't you want to throw snowballs at someone, or make a snowman. I really hope that we have a white Christmas. Every morning, I look outside to see if it has snowed yer, but all I see is grass. Everyday, on my way to school, I sing; It's NOT looking a lot like Christmas. Do you think that too? I really wish that it would snow, because in Spring, I don't want to have any snow, but we probably will. You know what's weird? I have only worn my winter coat aroubd maybe 5 times. Otherwise, I am usually warm. Last night, I was so warm, that I wore shorts! Can you believe that? Shorts! That is not right. I should be bundled up, not wearing shorts and being hot. I am thinking about wearing shorts right now, because it is really hot in here, but I don't think that I am going to. Do you like this weather? I don;t care if you do, it is your opinion. I am glad that Christmas Break is coming soon, I hope that we have snow during the break. Do you?? I am kind of having writer's block right now, but that's ok, because I am almost done with this blog and then I only have two more to go! Wish me luck! (I should be done tonight.)

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