Thursday, March 8, 2012

Braces.. :/

I got braces last year in 2011. At first I was excited to get them, but after I got them, I disliked them very much. They hurt my mouth during the first week after I got them. Sometimes, they caused me to get major headaches. You also have to make sure that you floss, otherwise your braces get a bunch of food left in them and that can build up plaque.The fun part about braces is that you get to pick your own color that you want. You can choose to get one or two colors, but for some reason, they only let me choose one color. I don't like that at all. Another thing about braces is that you have to wear rubber bands. I don't like them either, but I have to wear them so I can get my teeth in line. When I first got them, they hurt a little bit because they were moving my teeth forward. I am used to them now. Another part that I dislike is when they change the wire. It just makes my teeth hurt all over again, and sometimes I have to take medicine to keep my teeth from hurting. They are also very sensitive after they change the wire. Even though I dislike braces more than I like them, I have to say that they have done a good job at moving my teeth to the correct alignment. Before I got my braces, I had a very, very bad overbite, or so I thought. My bottom teeth are actually to far back. I am glad that I have braces and that they make my teeth straighter, because I think that a lot of people want to have a good smile when they are older.

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