Thursday, March 8, 2012


To me, there is always some kind of tension between my friends. One day, they seem like they don't like each other and ignore each other. Then the next day, they act like best friends and nothing ever happened. It is confusing. It is also hard, because when they do get mad at each other, they expect us to choose sides. How can you choose sides between two of your friends? So, I don't usually pick sides with them. One time, I got into a big fight with one of my best friends, and now, we only speak sometimes. It is hard, knowing that you guys used to be close, and now not so much. It is hard trying to forget everything that you guys did together. It's not like you can just forget everything that you did for them and they did for you. Another thing that is hard to do is forgive them for what they did. I forgave her, but I still can't trust her with some things. Then she gets mad at me for not telling her, and we get into a fight all over again. I wish she never did what she did to me, even though it isn't totally her fault for everything. I hate how she makes up lies about me, and then she goes around telling my other friends. Then they all come to me and asked me if I actually had done whatever she said, and they were all lies. Then she wonders why I get mad at her and I'm like, hello, it is kind of obvious what you did to me. Right now it is all good, but I'm afraid that something else will come up and then we will get into another fight.

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