Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hard Decisions

There are many difficult decisions that we have to make in our lifetime. One choice that you make could affect you life entirely. You could choose the wrong choice or you could choose the right choice. You have no idea what it could do to you. All that you can do, is believe that the decision you chose was the right one. There is absolutely no turning back after you made that decision. Even though you are a teacher and you are probably wondering, how do they have hard decisions, they are just kids. Even though we are kids, we still have hard decisions to make. Some of them could be involved with your parents. Some could be about having to deal with your friends. And others, could be about how you treat yourself. You can do many bad things to yourself, but you can also choose to do something good to yourself. You can eat right and exercise daily. You don't want to do the bad things to yourself. Whatever you do to yourself, can hurt you, a lot more than you realize. Also, with your friends, you can do bad things to them. You could gossip, have fights, or hurt them in some way. Do not do that. That can ruin your friendship. And with your family, don't choose to fight with them over something really stupid, like whether or not to do the dishes. Don't talk back to them, just listen to them and do what you are told. I have a friend, that talks back to her mom all of the time and they get in a bunch of arguments. I hope that that doesn't happen to anyone else.

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