Thursday, March 8, 2012

How I Lost My Cellphone

Have you ever lost anything for a month? Well I have. The only good thing is that I found it again. I lost my cellphone. I lost it for a month. Which is very weird. I think that I lost it sometime at the beginning of January. I was coming home from the boys basketball practice. We were running home just for the heck of it. I was with Olivia, Madelyn, and Emily. When I got home, I reached into my pocket for my phone, and I realized that it wasn't there. I started panicking. I asked them if they had it and they said no. So, we ran back up to the school and looked, but we still didn't find it. It was dark outside and I was really sad. Also, it started snowing, just my luck. In the morning, the ground was covered in snow, and I realized that if it was on the ground, I wouldn't work anymore. So I was really sad that I lost my phone. The only good thing was that I had my Ipod. So, I got a texting app on that and I was texting on that. After the snow melted, we were walking to school one day and all of a sudden, Christina sees something unusual. She picks it up and it was my phone. It still worked, but it was dead. The only thing that was damaged was my camera. Everything looks yellow. I am still glad that I have it though, because if I didn't, then I would have had to buy another phone. Which would have been really bad. I am so glad that Christina found my phone.

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