Thursday, March 8, 2012

Science Fair...

This year we had science fair. Science fair was on February 28th, 2012. You may think that this is the last day of February, but you are wrong. It is a leap year this year and we add one extra day to the calendar. Anyways, for science fair, we all had to pick something to do and figure out things about it. We could also have partners. My partner was Jaden Severson. We decided to do, “Which Colo Of Text Will Be Remembered Easier?” We thought that red would be the easiest because it stands out more than the other colors we were doing. So, Jaden and I tested 3rd grade and 8th grade. We tested thirteen males and fourteen females. We also got our board ready. For our board, we did our letters in blue. Another thing that we did was out the outline of the letter at the beginning of each of our words. For example, we just used the w outline instead of the actual letter w. Another thing that we did was cut the outside of the paper we were using with a special scissors that made the edges squiggly. Then we glued our information on it. Jaden and I also had to write a journal and a research paper. I think that the hardest thing we had to do was sort out all of our data and put it into graphs. It was so hard because we had a lot of data to sort out, and then we also had to put all of that information onto graphs. What we found out was that girls could read red better and boys could read green better. We also found out that blue was the hardest to read for both males and females.

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