Thursday, March 8, 2012


Well, everybody says I should go out for track, but I don't know. I do, but I don't. I don't really like running, but it would get me in shape. Also, I don't have to run, I could do shot put or long jump, or something. I have basically tried everything else, except cross country because I was in volleyball. There are many girls in our class that would be good in track, but I don't think that I would be one of them. If I went out for track, I would probably be one of the worst on the team. There would probably be a lot more people from different schools that would be better than me. Everyone has been saying that I should go out for it, but again I am not really sure about it. I don't really like running, but if someone was chasing me, I would run for, like, ever, or as long as it would take to get them from stop chasing me. I am not sure about jumping though, I haven't really tried to jump far. I rarely jump. Wouldn't it be weird if someone jumped everywhere they went? I think that it would. I don't know about shot put either. I might try it for this year and if I like it I will go out next year. I think I have tried every sport that I could this year except cross country. The sport that I liked the most was volleyball. The sport that I liked the least was basketball. I thought I was really bad, but my friends said that I was good. I disagree completely.

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