Thursday, March 8, 2012

What I did this Saturday...

I went to my sister's basketball game on Saturday. They lost, but I don't remember what the score was. During the game, we got a call that my aunt, Amy, had her baby. It was a boy and they named him Emmett Randall Buddenberg. We weighed 8 pounds exactly and was 21 inches long. You know what's weird about the day he was born? He was born on my dad's birthday, February 11th. Isn't that strange? I think that it is. She had a C-section with him. I also went to Jaden's house after my sister's game. I ate at her house and then my parents came and picked me up to go and see the baby. They baby was very cute and he has brown hair and blue eyes. Everyone was making jokes about how the baby had more hair than my uncle, Josh. He also had this little football hat that we put on him. His skin was also very, very soft. My aunt was very sore. It took her a long time just to get off up of her bed. Another thing that we did that day was go to Madelyn's dad's graduation party. He just graduated from college. We didn't stay that long. All we did really was talk a little bit and eat. The cake that they had was fantastic. It was so delicious. After that, we went home. I was very tired, but I still didn't go to bed because I had to finish my confirmation. So after that I watched some TV and I also went on my computer. I also watched Saturday Night Live and fell asleep watching that.

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