Thursday, March 8, 2012

What I Think About Homework

I understand that the teachers are supposed to give us homework, but I think that you guys should discuss when you are going to give it. What I am saying is, that I feel like all of the teachers give u homework on the same day. Then the next day, there is no homework. The teachers should plan out when they give us homework so that we don't get stressed out about it. I dislike it when I have so much homework to do for almost every single class. It's terrible because then if we want to hang out with friends, we can't, or if we have to go to a family thing, then it just stresses me out even more. Also, I have to take a lot of things home in my backpack, and it hurts my shoulders, even though I don't have to walk that far. Plus the weight of our computers and if we have to take our instruments home, our instruments. I am relieved when I finally get home and get to take my bag off of my shoulders. I know that homework is important. It helps us learn more about things that we don't know and will make us smarter. All I am asking is for you teachers to work out something that will even out the homework, if you have to assign anything. I am sure I am not the only one who thinks that our backpacks are heavy when we have a lot of homework. Another thing is that, if we don't have a lot of homework, we can feel less stressed and if we won't have to stay up late at night, or wake up early in the morning.

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  1. Hanna, I feel your pain (and remember, I went to middle school in a time when ALL of our homework was pencil/paper). I can see both sides of the issue, having gone through the schooling process. On one side, it stinks having a ton of work to do all at once; on the other hand, that's how high school, college, and real life work, too.