Monday, May 14, 2012


Some of my friends have made me mad. And you probably think that is weird because I am usually so happy. But when I get mad, I get really mad. Only certain people can make me feel better again. Usually, when I am mad, I don't say anything because I don't want to say something that I would regret. I was ignoring my friend because she made me mad, and then she got mad at me even more. Later, she told me she didn't like fighting and asked why I didn't talk to her . I told her I didn't talk to her because she was acting mean and I didn't want to say something I would regret. She told me she regretted talking to me like that. I told her I forgave her and now we are friends again. That is a good thing because she is a great friend. I am really good friends with some of the guys too. I like hanging out with them because there is usually no drama between them. They joke around a lot and they know that. They won;t get mad over silly little things. Sometimes Sawyer does though, but he is just pretending. I think it is weird how Sawyer and Madelyn, and Sawyer and Jaden are married. It is just weird to me. At least they don;t have rings, otherwise that would be super freaky. I am glad that right now, we are all getting along. It is the end of the school year, and I can't wait for Summer 2012. :) I am going to do lots of things. One of the things I am looking forward to the most is... sleeping in! Haha :)

Madelyn Monroe :)

Madelyn told me to write a blog about her, so I am. Madelyn Monroe is one of my best friends. She is really talkative and loud. Her laugh is very funny though. She has braces like me. We are both brace faces. :) We will get them off about the same time too. Madelyn would do anything to defend a person and to make them happy. She is like a mother to some of us. Conner even calls her his second mom. Madelyn is usually a happy person and is fun to be around. I think that Madelyn is awesome. We have so many laughing attacks. I think that the saying is, the more you laugh, the longer you will live. If that is true, then I will live for a very, very long time. Unless something tragic happens, like I get into a car crash. I hope that doesn't happen. That would be so sad. Sorry, I got off topic. Back to Madelyn. She is very smart and pretty. I love her glasses tan that she has. :) It is so funny looking at her when she takes off her glasses. It's like she got a spray tan and forgot to take her glasses off. :) Even though sometimes we get into fights, we can't stay mad at each other forever. I think that we will always be best friends, no matter what. Madelyn and I tell each other everything. We tell all of our secrets. I trust her a lot and I don't think that she would ever tell anyone my secrets and I know for a fact that I will never tell anyone hers.

Joel Hanson :)

Joel told me to write a blog about him, so I am. He has green eyes and brown hair. I think that he should have put on the Justin Beiber wig that Mr. Johnson had. I bet he would have won that. Either him or Blain. I don't think Blain even needed a wig. Joel can be funny sometimes, but not all of the time. Sometimes he can be mean, but not usually. He's usually happy. He acts weird sometimes though. Joel also says some weird things. I think that his dancing is the best. Haha. I am sure you would agree. :) He may need to work on his moves just a little bit. I bet he would be a great singer to. Joel is into sports a lot. He played football, basketball, and went out for track. I think he plays baseball too, but I don't really know if he does. This is taking some thought, I don;t really know what else to say about him. Joel has a nice smile. I guess he is kind of muscular. I like his butt. Even though Joel can get on your nerves sometimes, he's not really that bad. He likes to cheer people up. He can also be protective and flirty. He gives people mixed signals. A lot. Umm, what else is there to say about Joel. He is very honest, and can tell when you are lying about something. He also doesn't think he is a great basketball player, even though he is. That is pretty much all I have to say about Joel, I hope you enjoyed reading this. I bet you enjoyed this one even more than all of the other ones you have read. He also can make me smile, no matter what he does.


I think that school should start later in the day like around 10 a.m. That would be perfect. No one would be tired, because they got to sleep in later. I think that everyone would agree with me to do that. I also want to know why you guys assign us homework. I know it is to get us to learn more about things on our own, but can't you just give us all class time to do it? I know sometimes you do that, but I wish we had more time to do some things. I also don't like it when one person does something wrong, and the teachers yell at the whole class. It's like, why are you yelling at us? Not all of us did that. Why don't you guys just talk to the one person? I know some of us don't listen that well, but I am sorry that our class sometimes makes you mad. I don't think we mean too. I don't know why they would make you mad on purpose though. Sometimes we just do stuff that annoy other people. We don't try to, we are just being ourselves. Also, it makes us feel bad when you yell at all of us. I know you say some of us don't do that, but I still feel bad. I think that we should go outside more. Especially during the end of the day. If it is nice. I am not trying to push you into doing anything, but I would really like to go outside. I know I am not the best speaker. I just don't like talking in front of people. I have to get over that, but I have no idea how I am. I don't know why I am so nervous. I have known these people for a long time. I should be used to talking to them. I just don't want to look like an idiot in front of the whole class.

Cheating :(

I do not get why people cheat. It makes no sense to me. I mean, if it's not working out, just break up with that person and tell them that you want to see other people. No matter how much that hurts them, its better to tell them that than to cheat on that person. And if you are wondering if that ever happened to me.. well it hasn't. That annoys me though. No matter what you do, you just should not, ever, EVER cheat on a person. You can make them feel so many different things, like anger, disappointment, hurt, broken, sad, depressed, and that is pretty much it. If anyone ever cheats on me when I am older, I will probably bawl my eyes out. I could probably never trust that person again. No matter how many times they would say they are sorry, it wouldn't matter. It doesn't change what they did. People do deserve a second chance, but when it comes to cheating, I don't know if they should. They lied about everything they said to you. Like if they said, you are my one and only, they were lying. You would have second thoughts if another guy said that to you and he really meant it. You would make that girl feel so scared that it will happen again, and she probably won't ever be able to trust any guy ever again. Would you like to be that person that made someone feel that way? No, I am sure you wouldn't because if you did, then there is something majorly wrong with you. I am serious, I don't think that there is anything worse than cheating on someone.


I think that cellphones are good for people. They help you communicate with people who you can rarely see and you get to know them better. I prefer the phones that you can slide open and you can text people. I don't like it when a person texts you and then you text them back, then they don't reply. I'm just like, why did you text me if you weren't going to start a conversation? That makes no sense to me. I also like it when a person can keep a conversation going. If they just stop in the middle of it, it makes no sense. I also don't like it when people ignore you. Can't they just say that they don't want to talk to you? I don't think it's that hard to do and the person should understand that you don't want to talk. I think that cellphones can be useful because if you are in an emergency, you just need to call 911 and they will come to your help. There can also be some bad things about cellphones. For example, say that you and your friends go into a fight. They could keep calling you, or saying bad things about you. They could hurt your feelings a lot. That sucks. Overall, I think that cellphones are good for people to have. I don't think that younger people need them though. Who would they text? Its not like all of their other friends have their own phone. I don't see the point in little kids having cellphones. No one needs to have a cellphone until they are in middle school. I wish some of my friends would get cellphones.

St. Paul Trip Part Three

After we went and saw the Omnimax movie, we left the Science Museum. We went to the zoo after that. It was about a fifteen minute drive. We first visited the flamingos and ducks. We also saw the orangutans. They kind of freaked me out. I wished that their were elephants there. I was kind of surprised that there weren't any there. It was kind of funny that Collin was afraid of the giraffes. I wonder why they are so scary to him. I think he might have been faking that, but I have no idea if he was. I liked seeing the tigers and lions. Tigers are my favorite animal. I don't know why they are, they are just an animal that I really like. I also liked seeing the penguins, but I thought that exhibit smelled really bad. I also liked watching the seals. They were fun to watch. The polar bears were fun to see to. The only bad thing about seeing all of the animals, is that they were all sleeping. They seemed passed out. I liked the flower things though. They smelled really good, but it was really hot in there. In the gift shop, I got my mom a key necklace. Then we left. On the way back, it was kind of fun, but I was really tired. We watched some movies and talked about the most random things. Also, I almost fell asleep. I don't like the bathroom on the hawkeye stages bus. It kind of freaks me out. I had a really fun day on Thursday. My favorite part was the Omnimax movie. I thought that was the best.

St. Paul Trip Part Two

After we were done eating, our group went to level 4. A lot of people must have been using the elevators because we had to wait a while before one finally opened that wasn't full. When we got there, we went up to see the mummy. I thought that it looked weird and gross. There were also these types of boxes where you could press a button multiple times and whatever was in the box would move. We also played a game that was up there. Then, after that, we went up to level 5 and looked around. There was a TV thing, where you could record a newscast. Joel and Blain did that, and they were funny. Morgan was embarrassed by them. I felt sorry for her, but she got over it. We also visited the tugboat thing. It was air-conditioned in there. Many people were up there too. Joel, Blain, and Collin trapped me in a corner and wouldn't let me go back down. Then, Morgan called me and asked when we were coming down, and I told her that I was trapped, she told me that if we didn't come, she would come up and get us. Then they said, I guess we should go down. So, we did. After that, we went on the musical stairs. It was cool. Morgan took a video of it. Then, after that, we looked in the gift shops. Morgan and I got a dinosaur. They were cool. Then, after that, we went and saw the Omnimax movie. I thought that was really cool. I was to watch a scary movie in one of those. I would really freak out.

St. Paul Trip Part One

On Thursday, we went on a trip to St. Paul. It was a fun day. I didn't really like waking up that early in the morning though. I liked the groups that we were in. It was really fun. The first level that we went on was level 4. On that, we looked at the bacteria in our mouths. It was kind of gross, but cool at the same time. Then, we went on level 3. I think that level was the dinosaur level. It was interesting to see. There was the one thing that you could press and then the T-rex's mouth would go up and down. Also, there was this station over there where we had to do some things. The workers over there gave me and Morgan a rope to put on our hands. Then we had to figure out a way out without cheating. We tried and tried, but we didn't figure out. Then, they showed us what to do and told us to try it by ourselves, and we got free. It was fun. Then, after that, Collin and Blain tried it. They were hilarious to watch. They couldn't figure it out, without cheating. After that level, we didn't have that much time left, so we checkout out the 1st level. It was the garden one. There was a maze there. I didn't do it, but Joel. Blain, Collin, and Morgan did. Morgan was the last one out. Collin drank some of the water from the fountain. That was weird. After that, we went up and ate our lunch. We also took some pictures after we were done eating our lunch.

Adventure Land

We had to wake up really early on that Saturday. We had to leave at 6 A.M. It was a really rushed morning. We had to turn back around because someone forgot to bring the percussions music. It is a good thing that we weren't too far away yet. The bus seats were uncomfortable. I had to sit with Blain on the bus. It was fun when we finally got there. We got the whole morning and almost all of the afternoon to do whatever we want. First, we went on the train. That wasn't very fun. Then we went on the carousel. Everyone looked at us kind of weird, but at least they don't know us. We also went on an underground train. It was kind of scary, but funny. Madelyn kept screaming because she didn't like the dummies that were in their. That was very funny. We also went on some other ride. I can't remember what they were called. We went on a couple of other roller coasters. I went on the Tornado and The Outlaw. But I would not go on the upside down roller coasters. They scare me. I think I am going to fall off of them. Nathan didn't go on them either, so at least I wasn't alone waiting for the other people to finish. Before we had to go to get ready to perform, we went on this water ride. It wasn't such a good idea, but we didn't care. We went on that ride three times because it was kind of cold out and no one was waiting in line. That was very fun. The first time, Conner got soaking wet. The second time, Nathan and I got soaking wet. The final time, Madelyn and nathan's sister, Heather got soaking wet. Nathan kind of got wet also. The third time we had a lot of water in it. Then after that, we performed and then we went home.

Mother's Day

This weekend, we went to both of my grandparents' houses to celebrate Mother's Day. It was fun. On Saturday, we celebrated it with my dad's family. We went their and we watched some movies and ate. The lunch was delicious. We had potatoes, ham, corn, and some other things. Afterwards, we watched more movies. We also hung out outside. We went four wheeling too. We had a fire and roasted marshmallows which were amazing. We also played bags. That was fun. The next day, on Sunday, we went to church. After that, we went to celebrate Mother's Day on my mom's side at my grandma's house. We talked a lot about many random things. We also went on the computer and played bags too. We colored and did many random things. It was a fun day. You are probably wondering what I did for my mother on Mother's Day. Well, I will tell you. I wanted to give her breakfast and bed, but I couldn't because she was already up before I was. I bought my mom a key necklace, which she still hasn't worn yet. I don't think she will ever wear it, but at least I got her something. Another thing that I gave her was a hug. I should have made her a card, but I didn't I don't know why I didn't giver her a card though. Even though she hasn't worn it, I still think she liked it because she told me she she did. I hope she wasn't lying about that. If she was, that would be bad. I should have given her the receipt so that way, if she wanted to take it back, she could.

Boy's Track

I usually go to my cousin, Austin's, track meets. They are fun. I really like watching people jump over hurdles. Their faces look funny when they do them. It is kind of weird. I feel bad for the people that fall, it looks like it hurts, but it is hard not to laugh. I have also watched them do shot put and discus. They throw it really far. They are very strong. I think it is cool that they went out for track. It's kind of weird to see them run. I think some of them run weird, but that's how they run. Also, their faces look weird. It's hard to explain what their faces look like. Usually, their track meets got really cold. So, I usually brought a blanket or wore jeans to their track meets. At one of Austin's track meets, I had to watch his mechanical baby. I was kind of nervous, because I didn't know how to do it, but then my sister, Olivia, showed me how to do it if it cried. The baby didn't cry for me at all. It was funny. Then when Austin came, it started crying and he took care of it. It was funny to watch him. It was also kind of weird. He didn't have to run for a while, so he just took care of it. I think it cried about 5 times while he was there. When he had to leave again the baby didn't cry at all. I thought that was weird. After that, we got into my aunt's truck. She had her own baby, and Olivia and Austin had their babies. It was funny. We went through a McDonald's drive through, and you should have seen the lady's reaction. It was priceless.

Easter Weekend

What I enjoyed most about out Easter break was that we got to sleep in. The first day I think I slept in until about 10:30 am. That day was a lazy day for me. The next day, we had Easter on my mom's side. We had a very good dinner. We also played some card games with them. I didn't get anything for Easter, but my cousins got a really big surprise. The “Easter Bunny” pooped on their floor. He also gave them baskets of candy. On Saturday, we went to visit my great grandma. She is in a nursing home in West Union. It was nice seeing her. On Sunday, we had to get up at 5:00 am. I was very tired. We had to go to the early morning service which was at 6:30 am. Then after that, we went to the Easter breakfast that was ready downstairs. After that, we went back to our house and got ready to go to have Easter on my dad's side. I was very hungry when we got there, but the food wasn't ready yet. I had to wait about and hour and a half until we got to eat. The food was also very good. After that, we watched movies. First we watched Mary Poppins, then we watched Nanny McPhee, and the last movie we watched was Bug's Life. During the movies, I fell asleep. I was really tired that day. It was great to spend time with my family. Especially the ones I rarely see because they live so far away. I am glad that I got to see them. Again, I really enjoyed hanging out with them.

Illinois Part Two

After we were done eating, we all got ready. Then, all of the girls went shopping. First, they went to a furniture shop, so Olivia and I stayed in the car and listened to music. After that, we went to the mall. First, we went to JC Penny's. There wasn't anything there, so we went to Maurice's. It was very small, and there was also nothing there. After that, we went to Areopostal. Olivia got some shorts and a T-shirt. After that, we were hungry, so we stopped at a pretzel place called, Wetzel's Pretzel's. I shared one with my sister, and that filled us up right away. Then we left the mall, and the grownups went to another furniture. After that, we went back to my aunts house. They guys went out, and when we got back, they were gone. The door was locked, so we had to wait for about ten minutes until they came back. Good thing it was nice outside. When we got there, we went inside and Olivia, Tanner, and I went up to his room and watched movies and took pictures. We watched Despicable Me and The Sandlot. Then, we went downstairs and went to bed. The next day, we woke up and ate breakfast. We had eggs and fried potatoes. They were really good. Then we got ready and went to the zoo. It was free for the whole week, because it just reopened for the first time this year. We went in and looked around. We saw many different types of animals. My favorites were the giraffes and lions. We went to the lions, and when we took pictures, they just sat there and it was like they were posing. When we were done, they were, like, following us out. It was kind of freaky. The giraffes were funny. Their were four giraffes. The baby one was really cute. The dad, was the funny one. He went to the wall, and then he would put his neck and head back, he did that three times in a row. I got a video of it. We were all laughing. Then we had to go home. So we said god bye and went home.

Illinois Part One

This weekend, we went to my aunt's house in Erie, Illinois. It is about a three hour drive from here. We left our house right after school on Friday. Car rides are very boring to me, and for some reason, I always fall asleep when we take long rides. There is something just relaxing about it. I slept for about two hours, then I woke up, and went back to sleep again. That is a good way to spend three hours in a car. When we arrived, the rest of our family was already there. My grandparents, and my other aunt, uncle, and cousins were there. We haven't been to my aunts house in a year and a half. Everybody was so glad when we got there. The first thing we did was unpack. Right after that, they made supper, which was tacos. I hate tacos. I think that they taste gross. So I just made a sandwich. After that, we watched TV for a little bit and socialized. Everyone was really tired, so we all went to bed. My parents got my cousin, Tanner's, room. My grandparents got my aunt and uncle's room. Everybody else slept downstairs. My sister, Sadie, Owen, Brody, Russell, Lisa, (my other aunt and uncle) and I slept on the air mattresses. My aunt, Jodi, slept on the couch and so did Olivia. My uncle, Kendall, Tanner, and Olivia slept on the floor. The next day, we all woke up and had bacon and eggs for breakfast, it was really good. I thought that the bacon was a little too burnt though, so I only ate a little bit of that.