Monday, May 14, 2012

Adventure Land

We had to wake up really early on that Saturday. We had to leave at 6 A.M. It was a really rushed morning. We had to turn back around because someone forgot to bring the percussions music. It is a good thing that we weren't too far away yet. The bus seats were uncomfortable. I had to sit with Blain on the bus. It was fun when we finally got there. We got the whole morning and almost all of the afternoon to do whatever we want. First, we went on the train. That wasn't very fun. Then we went on the carousel. Everyone looked at us kind of weird, but at least they don't know us. We also went on an underground train. It was kind of scary, but funny. Madelyn kept screaming because she didn't like the dummies that were in their. That was very funny. We also went on some other ride. I can't remember what they were called. We went on a couple of other roller coasters. I went on the Tornado and The Outlaw. But I would not go on the upside down roller coasters. They scare me. I think I am going to fall off of them. Nathan didn't go on them either, so at least I wasn't alone waiting for the other people to finish. Before we had to go to get ready to perform, we went on this water ride. It wasn't such a good idea, but we didn't care. We went on that ride three times because it was kind of cold out and no one was waiting in line. That was very fun. The first time, Conner got soaking wet. The second time, Nathan and I got soaking wet. The final time, Madelyn and nathan's sister, Heather got soaking wet. Nathan kind of got wet also. The third time we had a lot of water in it. Then after that, we performed and then we went home.

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