Monday, May 14, 2012

Boy's Track

I usually go to my cousin, Austin's, track meets. They are fun. I really like watching people jump over hurdles. Their faces look funny when they do them. It is kind of weird. I feel bad for the people that fall, it looks like it hurts, but it is hard not to laugh. I have also watched them do shot put and discus. They throw it really far. They are very strong. I think it is cool that they went out for track. It's kind of weird to see them run. I think some of them run weird, but that's how they run. Also, their faces look weird. It's hard to explain what their faces look like. Usually, their track meets got really cold. So, I usually brought a blanket or wore jeans to their track meets. At one of Austin's track meets, I had to watch his mechanical baby. I was kind of nervous, because I didn't know how to do it, but then my sister, Olivia, showed me how to do it if it cried. The baby didn't cry for me at all. It was funny. Then when Austin came, it started crying and he took care of it. It was funny to watch him. It was also kind of weird. He didn't have to run for a while, so he just took care of it. I think it cried about 5 times while he was there. When he had to leave again the baby didn't cry at all. I thought that was weird. After that, we got into my aunt's truck. She had her own baby, and Olivia and Austin had their babies. It was funny. We went through a McDonald's drive through, and you should have seen the lady's reaction. It was priceless.

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