Monday, May 14, 2012


I think that cellphones are good for people. They help you communicate with people who you can rarely see and you get to know them better. I prefer the phones that you can slide open and you can text people. I don't like it when a person texts you and then you text them back, then they don't reply. I'm just like, why did you text me if you weren't going to start a conversation? That makes no sense to me. I also like it when a person can keep a conversation going. If they just stop in the middle of it, it makes no sense. I also don't like it when people ignore you. Can't they just say that they don't want to talk to you? I don't think it's that hard to do and the person should understand that you don't want to talk. I think that cellphones can be useful because if you are in an emergency, you just need to call 911 and they will come to your help. There can also be some bad things about cellphones. For example, say that you and your friends go into a fight. They could keep calling you, or saying bad things about you. They could hurt your feelings a lot. That sucks. Overall, I think that cellphones are good for people to have. I don't think that younger people need them though. Who would they text? Its not like all of their other friends have their own phone. I don't see the point in little kids having cellphones. No one needs to have a cellphone until they are in middle school. I wish some of my friends would get cellphones.

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