Monday, May 14, 2012

Illinois Part One

This weekend, we went to my aunt's house in Erie, Illinois. It is about a three hour drive from here. We left our house right after school on Friday. Car rides are very boring to me, and for some reason, I always fall asleep when we take long rides. There is something just relaxing about it. I slept for about two hours, then I woke up, and went back to sleep again. That is a good way to spend three hours in a car. When we arrived, the rest of our family was already there. My grandparents, and my other aunt, uncle, and cousins were there. We haven't been to my aunts house in a year and a half. Everybody was so glad when we got there. The first thing we did was unpack. Right after that, they made supper, which was tacos. I hate tacos. I think that they taste gross. So I just made a sandwich. After that, we watched TV for a little bit and socialized. Everyone was really tired, so we all went to bed. My parents got my cousin, Tanner's, room. My grandparents got my aunt and uncle's room. Everybody else slept downstairs. My sister, Sadie, Owen, Brody, Russell, Lisa, (my other aunt and uncle) and I slept on the air mattresses. My aunt, Jodi, slept on the couch and so did Olivia. My uncle, Kendall, Tanner, and Olivia slept on the floor. The next day, we all woke up and had bacon and eggs for breakfast, it was really good. I thought that the bacon was a little too burnt though, so I only ate a little bit of that.

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