Monday, May 14, 2012

St. Paul Trip Part One

On Thursday, we went on a trip to St. Paul. It was a fun day. I didn't really like waking up that early in the morning though. I liked the groups that we were in. It was really fun. The first level that we went on was level 4. On that, we looked at the bacteria in our mouths. It was kind of gross, but cool at the same time. Then, we went on level 3. I think that level was the dinosaur level. It was interesting to see. There was the one thing that you could press and then the T-rex's mouth would go up and down. Also, there was this station over there where we had to do some things. The workers over there gave me and Morgan a rope to put on our hands. Then we had to figure out a way out without cheating. We tried and tried, but we didn't figure out. Then, they showed us what to do and told us to try it by ourselves, and we got free. It was fun. Then, after that, Collin and Blain tried it. They were hilarious to watch. They couldn't figure it out, without cheating. After that level, we didn't have that much time left, so we checkout out the 1st level. It was the garden one. There was a maze there. I didn't do it, but Joel. Blain, Collin, and Morgan did. Morgan was the last one out. Collin drank some of the water from the fountain. That was weird. After that, we went up and ate our lunch. We also took some pictures after we were done eating our lunch.

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