Monday, May 14, 2012

St. Paul Trip Part Three

After we went and saw the Omnimax movie, we left the Science Museum. We went to the zoo after that. It was about a fifteen minute drive. We first visited the flamingos and ducks. We also saw the orangutans. They kind of freaked me out. I wished that their were elephants there. I was kind of surprised that there weren't any there. It was kind of funny that Collin was afraid of the giraffes. I wonder why they are so scary to him. I think he might have been faking that, but I have no idea if he was. I liked seeing the tigers and lions. Tigers are my favorite animal. I don't know why they are, they are just an animal that I really like. I also liked seeing the penguins, but I thought that exhibit smelled really bad. I also liked watching the seals. They were fun to watch. The polar bears were fun to see to. The only bad thing about seeing all of the animals, is that they were all sleeping. They seemed passed out. I liked the flower things though. They smelled really good, but it was really hot in there. In the gift shop, I got my mom a key necklace. Then we left. On the way back, it was kind of fun, but I was really tired. We watched some movies and talked about the most random things. Also, I almost fell asleep. I don't like the bathroom on the hawkeye stages bus. It kind of freaks me out. I had a really fun day on Thursday. My favorite part was the Omnimax movie. I thought that was the best.

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