Monday, May 14, 2012

St. Paul Trip Part Two

After we were done eating, our group went to level 4. A lot of people must have been using the elevators because we had to wait a while before one finally opened that wasn't full. When we got there, we went up to see the mummy. I thought that it looked weird and gross. There were also these types of boxes where you could press a button multiple times and whatever was in the box would move. We also played a game that was up there. Then, after that, we went up to level 5 and looked around. There was a TV thing, where you could record a newscast. Joel and Blain did that, and they were funny. Morgan was embarrassed by them. I felt sorry for her, but she got over it. We also visited the tugboat thing. It was air-conditioned in there. Many people were up there too. Joel, Blain, and Collin trapped me in a corner and wouldn't let me go back down. Then, Morgan called me and asked when we were coming down, and I told her that I was trapped, she told me that if we didn't come, she would come up and get us. Then they said, I guess we should go down. So, we did. After that, we went on the musical stairs. It was cool. Morgan took a video of it. Then, after that, we looked in the gift shops. Morgan and I got a dinosaur. They were cool. Then, after that, we went and saw the Omnimax movie. I thought that was really cool. I was to watch a scary movie in one of those. I would really freak out.

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